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Forum Rules
1.       The following post topics are prohibited:
        a.       Post disparaging race/sex/religion (Transformers universe related discussions pertaining to these topics are excluded)
        b.      Post containing real world politics (Transformer’s universe related political discussions excluded)
        c.       Posts containing pornographic information
        d.      Posts pertaining to illegal topics to include drug, hacking, etc. (Transformers universe related discussions pertaining to these topics are excluded)
        e.      Post containing spam/advertising for non-transformers related materials
2.       These forums maintain a policy of respectful discourse.
        a.       Please treat forum members with respect
        b.      Constructive arguments are allowed. Flame wars will not be tolerated and the offending thread will be locked
3.       All threads will pertain to Transformers and Transformer related materials. General topics will be posted in forum folders clearly marked for general information. Post deemed to not be relevant to the containing sub-forum will be moved to the relevant sub-forum.
4.       This is an adult collectors forum but please keep language respectful and in good taste.
5.       Threads can be deleted or locked depending on the severity of the offense. Threads may also be unlocked on a case by case basis.
6.       Harassment. No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated. Any instance of threatening or harassing behavior is grounds for deletion from the forums.  
7.       Bandwidth. All images and signatures must be 500 x 500 pixels or smaller. Posts containing over-sized images and signatures will be removed.

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